In the Placer Room

10:30 Bridging the Gap Between Knowing and Doing Rosane Oliveira, PhD, DVM
These tips on how to follow through on changes you’ve committed to making will help pave the way to success.

11:30 Eco-Eating: A Cool Diet for a Warming Planet Hope Bohanec
Explore the detrimental effects of animal agriculture; misconceptions about “sustainable” animal agriculture will also be addressed. Through peer-reviewed scientific studies, you will learn what every environmentalist needs to know: that avoiding animal products can help save the planet!

12:30 Nutrition Made Simple, Satisfying and Sustainable Timaree Hagenburger, RD
Cut through confusion, doubt, and hype to uncover core principles to guide everyday food-related decisions and learn strategies for creating and sustaining a new normal so satisfying your only regret will be not doing it sooner!

1:30 Veganism as Social Justice: Effective Advocacy and Allyship Patti Nyman
Are you an animal advocate looking for the most effective way to spread the word, or are you involved in other social justice movements and interested in incorporating veganism into your work? By exploring how systems of oppression are interconnected, learn how to become a more inclusive advocate and ally. You’ll leave with new terms, tools, and strategies for effective advocacy.

In the Sacramento Room

11:00 Panel: Whole-Food, Plant-Based Eating Al Schmidt, Moderator;
Drastically Changed and Saved Our Lives Anthony Coll, Esther Loveridge.
Al Schmidt reversed end-stage coronary artery disease at 80 years old.
At 28 Anthony Coll lost over 130 pounds and is now running marathons.
Esther Loveridge reveals her secret for a drastic weight loss solution. It improved her health and helped her avoid knee surgery at 75 years old.

12:00 Heal the World—Start with Yourself Bettina Chrysofakis-Baiduc, MD
There is a way to a healthier you and a healthier planet. A ton of money is spent on health care in the USA, yet we are one of the sickest nations in the world. Something is not right. A healthy diet can reverse heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and more. Best of all, this recommendation is based on scientific evidence and is not simply a “fad.”

1:00 Cancer and Nutrition: Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal Andrew Klonecke, MD
Learn how cancer begins and spreads and how nutrition can decrease the start, spread, and severity of cancerous diseases.

2:00 Panel: Ask a Vegan! Panelists – Kip Baumann, Shawn Fosnight, Vik Lal, Esther Loveridge, Al Schmidt, and Enoc Zepeda
Have you ever wanted to ask someone who has made dietary changes what their challenges were, and their successes—and what led to them? Our panelists will cover a range of motivations and methods for following a vegan diet or living a vegan lifestyle; they’ll share what that means to them, and how it has affected them. Get those questions ready for our panelists!

Vegan Cooking Demos

In the McClellan Room

11:30 Real Thai, Really Fast Hannah Kaminsky
Take a trip to Thailand in less time than ordering takeout! Learn to make spicy tempeh larb without compromising flavor, nutrition, or your budget, even during the busiest weekday dinner rush. Pick up more tips and tricks for faster, tastier meals, based on Hannah’s cookbook: “Real Food, Really Fast.”

12:30 Cooking to Maximize Flavor: Tips from Three Cultures Chef John Van Huynh
Learn handy facts about the science of cooking and cutting vegetables that you can put to use. John’s demo will include tips on stir frying (China); using lemongrass and ginger (Vietnam), and using basil and curry (Thailand).

1:30 Versatile Rice and Beans Twyla Teitzel
You’ll learn how easy it is to prepare tasty rice and bean dishes and how versatile these healthful, filling, fiber-rich foods can be. Find out easy ways to get that recommended three daily servings of beans.

2:30 Cooking Challenge! Edible Sac High Culinary Students and Coach Scott Estrada
Edible Sac High culinary students, in partnership with nutrition and fitness coach Estrada, will—on the spot—prepare a vegan dish inspired by ingredients they grew in their school’s organic garden.

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