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Mar-Apr 2012 — 647K pdf; Earth Day; Meatless Monday; Potluck: “Real Food”; SVS Committees; Stir Fry; No to McDonalds; Animal Place Tour; Charity, Vegan Style; Local News; VegFest 2012; Elk Grove Demo; Why Meatless?

Jan-Feb 2012 — 550K pdf; Annual Meeting March 11; Paula’s Pork “Protein”; Dad’s on J; Tour of Animal Place; Elk Grove Chapter;  SVS Discount Program; Nacheez Update; Vegan Cooking Demo

Nov-Dec 2011 — 400K small file pdf or 1.4MB large-file pdf;  VegFest; SVS Votes to become a Grange; Becoming a nutritarian; Cooking class reviews; SVS film series: “Dirt, the Movie”

Sept-Oct 2011 — 450K small-file pdf or 1.3MB large-file pdf; Label GMOs: It’s your right to know; Not another McDonalds!; Films/vegan feast at Bicycle Kitchen; Mime Troupe; Indian Cooking Demo & more

Back issues of the newsletter:

Jul-Aug 2011 (674K pdf)  Vegan cooking classes, Grange membership, discount program & more.
May-Jun 2011 (780K small-file pdf or 2MB large-file pdf)  Meals for Health results; Never Felt Better vegan shop; What’s up with soy?  Vegan tours;  Recipes & more
Mar-Apr 2011 (800K small-file pdf or 2MB large-file pdf) Earth Day, Vegan personal chefs, Vitamin B12, Happy Go Lucky update, PCRM’s Four Food Groups, Japan ends whaling, Home-grown recipe & more.

Jan-Feb 2011 (680K small-file pdf or 2MB large-file pdf) 25th anniversary issue; EarthSave’s Meals for Health coming to Sacramento; Interview with Don Forrester and Emily Webber;

May-Jun 2010 (580K pdf)  Guest speaker Erik Marcus; two amendments to SVS bylaws proposed—vegan-only potlucks, nonprofit status; Mondays “Veg Days” in San Francisco;
Mar-Apr 2010 (514K pdf)    Nutritionist Bronwyn Schweigerdt on Preventing Cancer; Breeding Grounds: factory farms and disease; Veggie Star: Gurinder Arora; SVS Vegan Cooking Class; Creamy beet soup recipe.
Jan–Feb 2010 (512K pdf)   “The Fat Vegan”; exciting speakers; Jessica Marler member profile; cattle and greenhouse gases; pumpkin custard pie recipe
Nov-Dec 2009 (690K pdf)   Swine Flu & E. Coli contamination from factory farming, Angela Lucero member profile, “The China Study.”
Sept-Oct 2009 (792K pdf)    Swine flu animal connection, Charlotte Markee member profile, Twitter animal rescue, book reviews, & recipes.
Jul-Aug 2009 (920K pdf)    The Protein Myth, How I Cured My “Asthma” (Stan Greenberg member profile), Recipes, Veggie Calendar.
May-Jun 2009 (885K pdf)   Recipes, Nutrition info, Member Profile, Upcoming programs.
Mar-Apr 2009 (673K pdf)   Global warming, nutrition and dairy products, vegan egg replacers, and an animal activist’s reflections. Try three great vegan recipes.
Jan-Feb 2009 (514K pdf)    Newsletter Naming contest, Salmonella outbrook, & Local Growers Panel.
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