Welcome to the Sacramento Vegetarian Society!

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The Sacramento Vegetarian Society (SVS) is dedicated to bringing you information about vegetarian and vegan activities.

We strive to inform and support the vegetarian and vegan community through our meetings, social events, outreach programs, and this website.

We invite you to attend our events. Our members are happy to answer any questions you have about the organization. Please send us an e-mail or call us.

Dig into great food!

Who are we?
SVS is an association that encourages a vegan diet and lifestyle, which entails abstinence from all animal products, including fish and fowl.  The society encourages everyone – vegetarians, vegans and nonveg people – to participate.  SVS will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age or sexual preference.  SVS operates on a nonprofit basis.

Our purposes:
• To sponsor vegan potlucks and discussion meetings.
• To educate the membership and general public about veganism.
• To promote veganism as a path to better health, greater compassion for animals, and a gentler footprint on the environment.

Join the SacVeggie Meetup and Discussion groups:

Notices:  To receive notices about meetings & events, please join our Meetup group.  Go to the SVS Meetup Page and click on “Join.”

Discussion:  To participate in discussion about vegetarian and vegan issues, join our yahoo group.  Send a blank email to


When you get the confirmation message, just reply to it…and your subscription will be complete.  You can post anything veggie-related on the yahoo group.

Contact us:
E-mail:     sacveggie@gmail.com
Mail:        PO Box 163583, Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone:     Call Glenn Destatte at (916) 455-0563